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Powerful "Mag-Ni-Tack" magnetic pins.  Mag-Ni-Tack's popular design begs you to put it immediately to work.  Immediately understood how handy these small magnets can be.  It's  uses are limited only by your imagination! 

  •  "Mag-Ni-Tack" magnetic pins are Strong

  • "Mag-Ni-Tack" magnetic pins are Impressive

  •  "Mag-Ni-Tack" magnetic pins are Small

  • Use Mag-Ni-Tack at the Office in addition to stick pins and/or post-its.  The magnet's super power can hold several pages! Make use of your metal file cabinets on the outside as well as the inside.

  • Use Mag-Ni-Tack at Home in place of big unsightly magnets.

  • Use Mag-Ni-Tack in the Car

  • Use Mag-Ni-Tack Now!

Mag-Ni-TackPins use rare earth or Neodymium magnets.  These magnets are the latest technology super magnets and are the most powerful magnets on the earth!  The magnet is less than 1/4 inch in diameter!

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Mag-Ni-Tack - The Power to Hold it!

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