Here's what several customers have to say about doing business with us, and about our products.

User: lhard0707@aol.com (102) star Date: Jun-03-01 09:15:04 PDT
Item: 588782771
Praise: Great transaction. Hope to do business again. A+++
User: trigem@rcn.com (122) star Date: Jun-02-01 19:48:37 PDT
Item: 577817755
User: ekiggans@aol.com (78) star Date: Jun-02-01 02:24:32 PDT
Item: 590715285
Praise: great transaction Thank you
User: mgth (477) star Date: May-30-01 10:35:08 PDT
Item: 588167378
Praise: Fast shipment and very nice transaction. A RECOMMENDED Seller!! AAA+++
User: cblaw_1 (152) star about me Date: May-29-01 12:08:12 PDT
Item: 584140703
Praise: Great seller,quick response,smooth transaction,highly recommended!!!!
User: pnthr2 (191) star Date: May-29-01 11:54:20 PDT
Item: 587577456
Praise: Product great as always if needed will buy from again A++++
User: marisa-eh (620) star about me Date: May-27-01 19:49:31 PDT
Item: 584347519
Praise: Excellent quality Buddy Boxes - Will definitely order more. Thanks
User: giggles (59) star about me Date: May-25-01 20:41:21 PDT
Item: 584652361
Praise: Excellent Beanie Buddy Boxes. Great Seller. Professional packing. A+++++++
User: bglockin (517) star Date: May-22-01 10:27:40 PDT
Item: 587311850
Praise: quick delivery-thank you
User: hfelder (31) star Date: May-21-01 14:14:32 PDT
Item: 586849681
Praise: THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!AAAAA+++++++++++++
User: sar@ecentral.com (1124) star Date: May-20-01 08:55:37 PDT
Item: 568509589
Praise: Great as usual. Would highly recommend this seller. A+++++
User: lynn2562 (157) star Date: May-16-01 14:27:24 PDT
Item: 585980443
Praise: great products thanks Joyce
User: muggs* (70) star Date: May-16-01 09:15:44 PDT
Item: 582895081
User: pkjbeanies (888) star Date: May-12-01 20:15:54 PDT
Item: 583503113
Praise: Great transaction , highly recommend , look forward to doing business Again.
User: nt1024@hotmail.com (4) Date: May-12-01 14:25:57 PDT
Item: 565563854
Praise: Cases were packaged great and fast shipping. Thanks Again! A+++++
User: ballenje (95) star Date: May-07-01 19:32:44 PDT
Item: 579902389
Praise: Outstanding communication and transaction! A+++++ Seller!!
User: willy5 (3) Date: May-05-01 03:54:46 PDT
Item: 581638760
Praise: Nice fast deals..great doing business with!
User: lhelm@duo-county.com (3) Date: May-04-01 20:25:05 PDT
Item: 580860241
Praise: Wonderful to do business with, very professional!!!!
User: dierking1 (76) star Date: May-04-01 15:13:15 PDT
Item: 583198810
Praise: Smooth transaction. Thanks!
User: cinda77 (370) star Date: May-03-01 08:24:29 PDT
Item: 580531549
User: annieo (685) star Date: May-01-01 17:49:43 PDT
Item: 569679734
Praise: good deal and service/fast delivery/recommend
User: stearns99 (74) star Date: May-01-01 14:51:48 PDT
Item: 579419292
Praise: great to deal with AAA+++
User: suzyvette (147) star Date: Apr-27-01 12:52:32 PDT
Item: 580177938
Praise: Great product, good communication and fast shipping. Thanks! AAA+++++
User: edmar91@aol.com (101) star Date: Apr-25-01 06:27:54 PDT
Item: 578133306
Praise: Excellent to deal with. Would rate a 10 for value and promptness.
User: ladidi13 (225) star about me Date: Apr-23-01 15:17:40 PDT
Item: 578469984
User: janfin2 (72) star Date: Apr-21-01 15:32:58 PDT
Item: 558576958
Praise: Good communication and delivery....cases were great....Thanks!!
User: lacrone (2808) star about me Date: Apr-20-01 06:58:03 PDT
Item: 575453116
Praise: Fast shipment, great product!
User: geeteebree@hotmail.com (32) star Date: Apr-19-01 15:18:22 PDT
Item: 576886739
Praise: A+
User: seattlesun@email.com (201) star Date: Apr-18-01 21:08:00 PDT
Item: 575765293
Praise: Cases came Quick!!!!!!
User: georgianna.m.turner (88) star Date: Apr-14-01 09:05:47 PDT
Item: 576233084
Praise: Great product - will order again.
User: deter$$$ (14) star Date: Apr-13-01 12:40:13 PDT
Item: 574274384
Praise: Awesome Transaction! Fast Delivery! Thanks! A+++++
User: mkz28@aol.com (84) star Date: Apr-10-01 21:54:56 PDT
Item: 573166729
Praise: excellent to work with, friendly emails, rate AAA++++++++++++
User: mkz28@aol.com (84) star Date: Apr-10-01 21:52:55 PDT
Item: 573461867
Praise: Friendly, fast transaction, excellent people to work with AAAAA++++++++++
User: rottncat (91) star Date: Apr-10-01 18:39:33 PDT
Item: 554465017
Praise: Great Seller....Thanksss...A++++
User: maryandj (726) star Date: Apr-06-01 11:29:51 PDT
Item: 572865685
Praise: Buddie boxes were perfect. Packaged with care. A+++++
User: lambidoodle (39) star Date: Apr-06-01 08:15:38 PDT
Item: 552616766
Praise: Great cases and packed very well, super pleased with them!!!! Thanks
User: jamup62 (253) star Date: Apr-05-01 21:12:58 PDT
Item: 566961730
Praise: Great Sellar, Prompt Service, Items just as described, Highly Recommended AAA++
User: abbys_corner (107) star about me Date: Apr-05-01 18:47:02 PDT
Item: 571168128
Praise: fast shipping and great communication
User: velezclan (51) star Date: Apr-03-01 17:29:01 PDT
Item: 570622872
Praise: Great Buddie boxes. Fast response and delivery. A+++ Seller
User: sml1998 (43) star Date: Apr-02-01 21:05:36 PDT
Item: 568823993
Praise: Fast shipping, good product. Would buy again, thanks!!
User: alicemae_77073 (26) star Date: Mar-28-01 12:18:13 PST
Item: 564255373
Praise: fast delivery nice to deal with. cases are great. A+++++++++++++++
User: debmolran@aol.com (140) star Date: Mar-20-01 06:12:46 PST
Item: 563914217
Praise: Great to do business with. Would highly recommend.
User: debmolran@aol.com (140) star Date: Mar-20-01 06:09:49 PST
Item: 564943903
Praise: Great to do business with. Would highly recommend.
User: robs68 (34) star Date: Mar-17-01 18:11:35 PST
Item: 565913203
Praise: great service, no problems
User: cja519 (461) star about me Date: Mar-12-01 22:27:04 PST
Item: 563298665
Praise: Good communication...prompt shipping...THANK YOU !!!!
User: johnsalad@home.com (34) star Date: Mar-12-01 12:40:00 PST
Item: 562978588
Praise: Nice person to deal with. Great cases !! Thanks
User: beckyp2 (88) star Date: Mar-08-01 10:38:11 PST
Item: 561441663
Praise: Fast shipping, excellent packing, would buy again.
User: rrrngmaster (293) star Date: Mar-08-01 07:32:15 PST
Item: 561641518
Praise: excellent transaction. buddy boxes are perfect. great seller!!! thanx!
User: mightyseller (45) star Date: Mar-06-01 04:12:00 PST
Item: 560771026
Praise: Fast responses shipped as promised good ebayer A+++++++++++
User: pnthr2 (191) star Date: Mar-05-01 11:51:42 PST
Item: 562082693
Praise: Another great sale and product quick delivery Thanks Doug A++++++
User: cjwsdad (88) star Date: Feb-27-01 05:58:52 PST
Item: 555833283
Praise: Received cases in good condition.
User: pnthr2 (191) star Date: Feb-20-01 11:40:22 PST
Item: 554914223
Praise: construction great on boxes just right size packaging great will buy from again
User: lacrone (2808) star about me Date: Feb-20-01 07:38:59 PST
Item: 550093684
Praise: Great buddy boxes!
User: lwhit17525@aol.com (40) star Date: Feb-15-01 19:04:37 PST
Item: 557364643
Praise: Rec'd 12 Buddy Display Cases today - thanks for quick response. Excellent cases
User: b.z.mom (1155) star about me Date: Feb-15-01 12:13:19 PST
Item: 553828360
Praise: AWESOME seller, fast, EXCELLENT packaging. WOW!! BUY HERE!!!!
User: lhelm@duo-county.com (3) Date: Feb-14-01 19:38:15 PST
Item: 550702337
Praise: Wonderful product; smooth transaction. Will do business with again!
User: bigdart42 (36) star Date: Feb-13-01 07:21:19 PST
Item: 549016811
Praise: cases came in great shape.......A++++ transaction
User: anndrew30 (81) star Date: Feb-12-01 08:58:31 PST
Item: 544158666
Praise: Excellent Product! Highly recommend. Asset to Ebay!
User: beckyp2 (88) star Date: Feb-08-01 20:06:36 PST
Item: 548265396
Praise: Thanks, AGAIN!
User: beckyp2 (88) star Date: Feb-08-01 20:06:36 PST
Item: 539526608
Praise: Fast shipping, EXCELLENT packing, thanks so much!
User: tacman2@webtv.net (680) star Date: Feb-08-01 18:39:58 PST
Item: 545523786
Praise: Super great service & product!! Would deal with anytime. A++++
User: coop6969 (47) star Date: Feb-06-01 15:20:02 PST
Item: 542310321
Praise: Excellent Services. Great Packing. Will buy more. A+++++++
User: scq (76) star Date: Feb-06-01 14:19:37 PST
Item: 545963624
Praise: Very Satisfactory Transaction.
User: 96sammy (462) star Date: Feb-05-01 17:12:30 PST
Item: 549682327
Praise: Super Merchandise & Outstanding Service! Highly Recommend this Seller!!
User: jarrand@innova.net (213) star Date: Feb-05-01 12:27:38 PST
Item: 543793065
Praise: great merchandise--fast and friendly service--always a pleasure-:) thanks
User: sally@wyan.org (280) star Date: Jan-30-01 13:41:37 PST
Item: 541735360
Praise: Recieved
User: johnsalad@home.com (34) star Date: Jan-29-01 13:25:42 PST
Item: 541199057
Praise: Great product. Fast shipping.
User: johnsalad@home.com (34) star Date: Jan-29-01 13:25:41 PST
Item: 540159261
Praise: Great Product. Fast shipping.
User: matdijul (81) star Date: Jan-29-01 09:30:41 PST
Item: 535921703
User: squigglycat (274) star about me Date: Jan-26-01 07:26:03 PST
Item: 533550133
Praise: fast shipment and great product, thanks!
User: ebearaz (31) star Date: Jan-24-01 22:14:04 PST
Item: 481336994
Neutral: Had emergency open heart surgery! my apologies!! Life has it's priorities
User: rhop2134 (40) star Date: Jan-19-01 08:30:17 PST
Item: 537366234
Praise: Great Seller, quick & courteous email, fast shipment. Highly Recommend A++++
User: jarrand@innova.net (213) star Date: Jan-18-01 11:45:58 PST
Item: 537796741
Praise: great merchandise--fast and friendly service--highly recommend -:) thanks-A++++
User: cdonofrio@usco.com (153) star Date: Jan-11-01 08:23:14 PST
Item: 531050620
Praise: Excellent Seller - Great Items and well shipped. A++++++++++++
User: isabeltom@lisco.com (130) star Date: Jan-07-01 23:30:25 PST
Item: 529583012
Praise: excellent transaction
User: isabeltom@lisco.com (130) star Date: Jan-07-01 23:29:29 PST
Item: 529108162
Praise: excellent transaction
User: isabeltom@lisco.com (130) star Date: Jan-07-01 23:28:34 PST
Item: 528414196
Praise: excellent transaction
User: ccmoses (158) star Date: Jan-05-01 16:14:12 PST
Item: 524526522
Praise: A terrific seller with a great product. Recommend to all. A+A+A+
User: vivian@soli.com (25) star Date: Dec-28-00 08:57:49 PST
Item: 526752324
Praise: Items received in great condition. Fast shipment! Thank you! Great to deal with!
User: linzak (69) star Date: Dec-22-00 17:49:41 PST
Item: 526054754
Praise: Arrived in record time. Highly recommend seller and product. Thank you. A++++
User: cobra320 (157) star Date: Dec-21-00 10:25:45 PST
Item: 523455673
Praise: ases arrived safe & sound....An asset to e0bay...Will buy from again...AAA+++...
User: rdt@peaknet.net (10) star Date: Dec-19-00 10:30:24 PST
Item: 519162279
Praise: Great transaction! Good communications and fast shipping! Great asset to Ebay!
User: cpctcc@earthlink.net (118) star Date: Dec-13-00 07:57:16 PST
Item: 506806510
Praise: Received Display Cases in good condition, packaged very well. Recommended!
User: cmmsurv (34) star Date: Dec-09-00 22:52:30 PST
Item: 492460000
Praise: Great product! Would definately buy from again!
User: ccmoses (158) star Date: Dec-09-00 18:27:20 PST
Item: 511673117
Praise: Excellent product, packaging service. Thank you. A+A+A+A+A+A+
User: cinda77 (370) star Date: Dec-08-00 18:50:55 PST
Item: 510440484
User: cathidale (141) star Date: Dec-07-00 20:43:45 PST
Item: 509435701
Praise: Fast Shipping,Beautiful Boxes,Great Packaging,Recomended,A+++++++++++
User: teddy4bear@aol.com (625) star Date: Dec-07-00 01:50:17 PST
Item: 499811127
Praise: good emails, great merchandise as described and a smooth transaction. Recommend!
User: teddy4bear@aol.com (625) star Date: Dec-07-00 01:50:17 PST
Item: 500762999
Praise: good emails, great merchandise as described and a smooth transaction. Recommend!
User: zbears (176) star Date: Nov-30-00 12:42:43 PST
Item: 507728259
Praise: Extremely Fast Delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks!
User: ejmu@webtv.net (113) star Date: Nov-29-00 13:09:03 PST
Item: 498816682
Praise: Great E-Mail, Fast Service, and Great Buddy Cases. AAAAA
User: mbshere (247) star Date: Nov-27-00 12:40:56 PST
Item: 493032183
Praise: Fast shipping fantastic cases excellent emails HIGHLY recommended AAAAA+++++
User: onettt@aol.com (132) star Date: Nov-15-00 07:25:37 PST
Item: 486297208
Praise: Buddy cases arrived in great condition,packaged very well,smooth transaction,A++
User: cabagek (58) star Date: Nov-13-00 12:56:13 PST
Item: 451540369
Praise: Very fast - Would Recommend!
User: lamatrix2000 (133) star Date: Nov-11-00 06:45:20 PST
Item: 484363072
Praise: great transaction. THANKS!!! A++++
User: jcollectibles (362) star (not a registered user) about me Date: Nov-11-00 06:14:39 PST
Item: 470336857
User: rina12 (165) star Date: Nov-09-00 14:26:00 PST
Item: 485383547
Praise: Fast shipment
User: joycec52 (69) star about me Date: Nov-08-00 19:16:04 PST
Item: 487190084
Praise: Excellent boxes! Lightning fast delivery, perfect in every way, will get more!
User: patjimstars@worldnet.att.net (47) star Date: Nov-07-00 12:31:36 PST
Item: 479254261
User: villiewillie (161) star Date: Nov-07-00 07:28:34 PST
Item: 469313862
Praise: ~GREAT EBAY TRANSACTION~Cases arrived very good packing. THANKS! AA++
User: dluttrell@kih.net (6) Date: Nov-05-00 13:55:14 PST
Item: 477353318
Praise: Great communication and very fast service. The produce is wonderful.
User: magenta71 (137) star Date: Nov-04-00 20:24:27 PST
Item: 413536209
Praise: Nice Cases! Highly Recommend! Asset to Ebay!
User: tammie_mang@hotmail.com (12) star Date: Nov-04-00 20:07:06 PST
Item: 460452825
Praise: I love the cases. They are great.
User: drolph (111) star about me Date: Nov-02-00 17:35:26 PST
Item: 466813611
Praise: Outstanding product, Quality Transaction &superb EBAY seller. A+++
User: mdoutaz723 (155) star Date: Oct-28-00 12:40:30 PST
Item: 462327370
Praise: Fast friendly transaction. Quick delivery. THANK YOU!!!
User: issy21 (11) star (not a registered user) Date: Oct-23-00 13:49:07 PST
Item: 452706757
Praise: THANKS!!!!!!AAAAAAAA++++++++
User: rvaj88 (26) star Date: Oct-21-00 08:05:49 PST
Item: 463340342
Praise: Great seller!! Would buy from again. Very good packaging!!! AAAAA+++++
User: patss (22) star Date: Oct-18-00 15:14:00 PST
Item: 459386649
Praise: super fast shippment of product, immediate e-mail, transaction A++++
User: robs68 (34) star Date: Oct-16-00 17:57:30 PST
Item: 457399797
Praise: boxes are excellent, will order some more. Thanks
User: kpg2 (114) star Date: Oct-10-00 03:20:41 PST
Item: 453574989
Praise: Lightning fast delivery.Good person to deal with.Thanks Again.AAA+++
User: kpg2 (114) star Date: Oct-10-00 03:14:35 PST
Item: 452705153
Praise: Very fast delivery.Great transaction.Hope to deal with again.Thanks
User: gaylef (171) star Date: Oct-09-00 21:05:19 PST
Item: 450440493
Praise: Wonderful person to do business!! Highly Recommended!!!! Thanks!! :)
User: lotsabeanies1 (75) star Date: Oct-04-00 17:22:24 PST
Item: 442048623
Praise: Great boxes - THANKS!
User: lotsabeanies1 (75) star Date: Oct-01-00 08:17:41 PST
Item: 441223445
Praise: Great cases - Thanks for a great trade
User: edmar91@aol.com (101) star Date: Sep-25-00 16:13:40 PST
Item: 431773667
Praise: Greast to do business with. Would do again any time.
User: davlin3 (1439) star about me Date: Sep-25-00 11:56:33 PST
Item: 432749347
Praise: GREAT Beanie Buddy Cases! FAST shipping! Great communications!A++++++++=
User: thunderstorm68@aol.com (23) star Date: Sep-24-00 15:57:38 PST
Item: 430637151
Praise: Great Transaction & Great Communication! Cases are perfect! HighlyRecommended!
User: scas0a (67) star Date: Sep-24-00 10:40:11 PST
Item: 438453539
Praise: Very fast service! An asset to E-Bay!! AA+++
User: gargals (66) star Date: Sep-20-00 12:18:25 PST
Item: 400221312
Praise: Lightning fast shipment. Great product. Will do business with again.
User: nicolesbeanies (237) star Date: Sep-20-00 07:40:54 PST
Item: 429882469
Praise: good emails SUPER FAST SHIPPING
User: lacrone (2808) star about me Date: Sep-19-00 05:11:20 PST
Item: 385896209
Praise: Great transaction!
User: jarrand@innova.net (213) star Date: Sep-15-00 18:41:36 PST
Item: 426278632
Praise: fast reply-great merchandise-highly recommend-- :-) thanks
User: solarbear (466) star Date: Sep-14-00 16:24:18 PST
Item: 424282768
Praise: Another great transaction.Highly recommended.5 stars+++++
User: solarbear (466) star Date: Sep-14-00 16:24:17 PST
Item: 423441648
Praise: Great smooth transaction.Fast shipping.Buy your cases here. A++++++++++++++
User: loutricia (40) star Date: Sep-13-00 16:25:26 PST
Item: 427059555
Praise: GOOD DEAL , FAST DELIVERY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND , A+++++++++++++++++++++++
User: gaylef (171) star Date: Sep-11-00 20:45:05 PST
Item: 425059722
Praise: Excellent communication and product! Fast delivery! Highly Recommend!!!! Thanks
User: montbeck (36) star Date: Sep-10-00 13:56:48 PST
Item: 394177999
Praise: great boxes -love 'em- highly recommend A+++++++++
User: winnifer (57) star about me Date: Sep-08-00 17:45:22 PST
Item: 421399822
Praise: Doug was very proactive in making a timely shipment
User: ds1995@netwurx.com (71) star Date: Sep-08-00 16:26:50 PST
Item: 422425795
Praise: Great service and delivery, would work with again
User: ds1995@netwurx.com (71) star Date: Sep-08-00 16:26:49 PST
Item: 420495019
Praise: Easy to deal with, great service would buy from again
User: barbiedoll37 (68) star Date: Sep-05-00 13:53:20 PST
Item: 417054489
Praise: Great packing, and quick shipment. great emails thank you for making ebay honest
User: kat**krazy (354) star Date: Sep-02-00 21:49:25 PST
Item: 404503722
User: ktmb3 (128) star Date: Sep-02-00 12:31:15 PST
Item: 411661605
Praise: Fast shipping. Great buddy cases. Thanks alot.
User: dsmith5864@aol.com (88) star Date: Aug-31-00 09:16:10 PST
Item: 415424620
Praise: great boxes,great price,would order from again AAAA++++
User: galll@ptialaska.net (71) star Date: Aug-30-00 19:40:23 PST
Item: 401134768
Praise: Wow! Fast shipping! Will do business again! THANKS SO MUCH!
User: rjgolf (1224) star about me Date: Aug-25-00 20:36:43 PST
Item: 407934339
Praise: Fast transaction. Everything sent as promised. AA++++++
User: cinda77 (370) star Date: Aug-24-00 14:01:42 PST
Item: 406282440
User: llms (109) star Date: Aug-24-00 07:55:44 PST
Item: 399381615
Praise: Easy to work with, great communications, quick delivery, would buy from again.
User: llms (109) star Date: Aug-24-00 07:54:42 PST
Item: 397653640
Praise: Great communications, quick delivery, excellent product,,,,AAAAAA++++++++
User: jak-gifts (411) star Date: Aug-21-00 18:24:55 PST
Item: 393014573
Praise: Great Transaction,SuperFast Comm. & Delivery,Great Deal,HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,Thx:)
User: mawbee (86) star Date: Aug-19-00 13:00:46 PST
Item: 403677873
Praise: Cases are great, great, great!!!!!!!!!
User: larry4449@webtv.net (164) star Date: Aug-16-00 19:48:28 PST
Item: 407079776
Praise: Thank you for the wonderful Buddy Cases, fast & well packaged! AAA+++++++
User: jneng7298@aol.com (19) star Date: Aug-14-00 06:00:03 PST
Item: 376739930
Praise: Great cases! Fast shipping!!! Highly recommended! AAA+++
User: larry4449@webtv.net (164) star Date: Aug-12-00 06:31:28 PST
Item: 389145341
Praise: Great Beanie Buddy Cases, fast and well packaged! Thank you, AAAA
User: rhop2134 (40) star Date: Aug-11-00 17:19:31 PST
Item: 391189625
Praise: Great Seller, fantastic product, fast shipment! Recommend highly A++++
User: davlin3 (1439) star about me Date: Aug-08-00 20:10:23 PST
Item: 395628302
Praise: FAST shipping! Wonderful beanie buddy cases! Recommend this seller! A+++++++++
User: kberrie (74) star Date: Aug-08-00 16:02:10 PST
Item: 390456783
Praise: Great product! Wonderful, FAST shipment! Asset to Ebay! Thanks!
User: twoie@greeneonline.net (314) star Date: Aug-02-00 12:32:59 PST
Item: 379975910
Praise: Great Containers. Thanks!
User: tybopper (225) star Date: Jul-31-00 17:28:59 PST
Item: 384979902
Praise: This is my 3rd order of Buddy boxes. Nice product. (Would appreciate feedback!)
User: doa53 (89) star Date: Jul-29-00 11:26:57 PST
Item: 383931245
Praise: Excellent packing & fast shipment of product. Highly recommend this seller!
User: sar@ecentral.com (1124) star Date: Jul-29-00 05:12:19 PST
Item: 386907272
Praise: Another speedy transaction. Great seller. Great cases. A+++++
User: sar@ecentral.com (1124) star Date: Jul-29-00 05:06:30 PST
Item: 377315032
Praise: Excellent seller. Great display cases. Would highly recommend. A+++++
User: figsk8fan (188) star Date: Jul-27-00 23:11:08 PST
Item: 388398603
Praise: WOW! Overnight shipping, fantastic buddie cases. An A+ transaction - thanks!
User: phyl-bear (48) star Date: Jul-25-00 15:52:26 PST
Item: 383181299
Praise: Great to do business with. Love the cases. Rate A++++
User: tybopper (225) star Date: Jul-24-00 17:49:32 PST
Item: 363134199
Praise: My 2nd purchase! I just ordered a 3rd! Thanks for great beanie buddie boxes!
User: krypton604 (1026) star about me Date: Jul-23-00 18:57:39 PST
Item: 379233065
User: mwallace98 (398) star Date: Jul-12-00 07:06:46 PST
Item: 368203983
Praise: Super transaction, good communication, received item. Thanks!! A+++
User: lll5010@aol.com (76) star Date: Jul-11-00 05:26:42 PST
Item: 365879144
Praise: Perfect cases sent very promptly Great bargin ! I`d buy from them again THANKS
User: b511419@aol.com (188) star Date: Jul-09-00 15:55:31 PST
Item: 374225808
User: jbatt2510@aol.com (165) star Date: Jul-07-00 08:28:28 PST
Item: 367130915
Praise: Excellent transaction, Firmly packaged, Nice product, AAA+++
User: rhuchteman@aol.com (34) star Date: Jun-23-00 17:37:17 PST
Item: 357414860
Praise: Great Products, Great Prices, Super Fast Shipping. Highly Recommended!!!!
User: tybopper (225) star Date: Jun-23-00 09:07:37 PST
Item: 359804716
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