Made in the U.S.A.


Reasons to Buy Products Made in the U.S.A.

  1. Products made in the USA are delivered faster to you:
    1. Overseas factories deliver your product to a foreign port for shipment to the USA via a foreign owned and registered container ship (3 - 4 weeks required crossing the ocean);
    2. Delays while vessel is in quarantine and possible fumigation;
    3. Delays and additional expenses (usually involves a customs broker) while products clear through U.S. Customs;
  2. Support the United States of America built products and American owned companies.
  3. Advance payment not required. (payment up front before shipment usually required on foreign orders)
  4. No expensive overseas trips - initially and ongoing.
  5. No expensive routine communications.
  6. No international language barriers.
  7. No international cultural and social barriers.
  8. No worry about fluctuating foreign currency rates - as well as possible political turmoil.
  9. No extra government paper work.
  10. No expensive training of employees for doing business overseas.