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PC-2100™ CNC

A.I.M. uses the New Standard in CNC

Unprecedented flexibility and power over all operator and machine functions is now available in A.I.M.'s new CNC, the superb new PC-2100™. This revolutionary CNC provides both unparalleled ease of use and world class servo performance. How was it done? Personal computer technology was utilized to provide a unique open architecture CNC. No, it's not an "off-the-shelf" PC adapted to a computer numerical control. Rather, it's the very latest in CNC design and it's enhanced with all the capabilities found in today's PC and more. And that's a very, very big difference. Particularly when you are operating simultaneously in foreground and background modes, working with demanding third party software or using network communications capabilities. Only A.I.M.'s use of the PC-2100 dual-processor design (patent pending) can give you this flexibility without sacrificing performance.

Makes Obsolescence...Obsolete!
Since the PC-2100 employs two commercially available PC motherboards at the heart of the design, our capabilities can be upgraded and expanded as new technology becomes available. The PC-2100 functions and displays have been generated with a powerful, multi-tasking Microsoft operating system as the foundation, making this CNC very friendly, very flexible and extremely capable. Whether it's hardware or software, you won't be anchored in yesterday's technology.

It's Amazing What Your Finger Can Do
It's more powerful than you thought. With A.I.M.'s use of the PC-2100, it runs the entire system through the standard, durable touch screen. Simply touch the icon for the function you want, and you're off and running. With its "point-and-push" operation, it's simple, quick and secure.

Dual Program Editor With Full Cut and Paste
Of course we can edit in background, while the machine produces parts. The unique dual program editor allows us to edit two programs in the background, using powerful cut and paste features to share information between programs.


Click for high-res pictureCAM System Capability at the CNC

Engineering Geometry Systems (EGS) from Salt Lake City, UT, worked directly with Tree, Siemens, and other machine tool builders to create FeatureMILLSF. FeatureMILLSF, made   specifically for the shop floor, provides full touch screen support without the need for a mouse or keyboard. It also includes the following benefits, characteristic of all FeatureCAM products:

  • Friendly graphical screens to walk customers through each step of part creation.

  • Simple geometry tools.

  • Knowledge-based automation.

  • 3D color simulation.

FeatureMILLSF is also compatible with EGS' family of off-line CAM products. They each use EGS' feature-based approach, which allows customers to create features such as holes, slots or patterns just by entering dimensions. Part files that are created off-line can be transferred directly to the shop floor systems for last minute editing and posting. This approach eliminates the transfer of archaic G-code programs.


Graphical, Interactive Program Data Entry
Don't worry if you can't remember-the PC-2100 will. With its standard Resident Assistant Programmer (RAP), it provides simple graphic "push buttons" to select from a wide variety of programming functions. For example, touch the icon for drilling, then follow the graphic prompts to add required data. The correct G-code is generated and displayed as you enter the data, saving time and reducing the chance for errors. RAP also works interactively with the operator: use the pendant-mounted handwheel to move the machine where you want it, then have RAP remember that position for use in the program, "teaching" the machine. RAP-generated cycles are able to be executed immediately, saved as a new program or even pasted into an existing program.


Tool Management Comes Alive
Instead of presenting important tool information as a mere list of numbers, the PC-2100 graphically shows you each tool, illustrated with its offsets, location, length and much more. You can also choose to view the arrangement of the entire tool matrix. Customizable displays allow you to sort, select and view your tools in ways you've never thought possible. The PC-2100 even holds data for tools not at the machine, allowing you to "library" your tool data.


The Power is in Your Hands
With the PC-2100 you don't have to "reach out" to touch the control. A convenient hand-held pendant places many important control functions at your fingertips-take it with you to speed your setup. With its built-in display, use it to set up tools, establish offsets, jog axes and much more. Magnet mounting means it's kept wherever you want it.





More processing power. The standard dual 32-bit processors are powerful and upgradeable to the latest technology, providing increasing capability and speed over the life of your machine.

More flexibility. *Add off-the-shelf software to suit your needs, and run it while machining. Also take advantage of three powerful ways to program: advanced EIA RS411 G-code, interactive RAP and the optional Gibbs SFP on-board shop floor programming system.

More standard features, including helical interpolation, 1200-foot program storage, scaling, rotation, mirroring, drawing display, arithmetic and trigonometric calculations (in program), parametric subroutines, branching and much more.

More interfaceability. *The open-architecture PC-2100 allows you to connect directly to Local Area Networks to create a built-in DNC system. By simply plugging in a network adapter card, integration into your LAN is easy and seamless.

*To ensure system compatibility and safety, add only hardware and software that has been approved by 
Tree Machine Tools, Inc. for use in the PC-2100.

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